Kings Dominion 2018
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What’s New at Kings Dominion 2018?

Kings Dominion is known for its super awesome thrill rides. To keep visitors coming back for more, the Virginia theme park continues to open scream-inducing attractions year after year. In 2018, Kings Dominion continues their reign as a thrill ride capital with the introduction of a new coaster. Plus, an all-new festival heads to Williamsburg in 2018! Read on to find out more about everything new at Kings Dominion 2018.

Introducing: Twisted Timbers

Announced on National Roller Coaster Day, August 16, 2017, Kings Dominion is adding Twisted Timbers to their already impressive lineup of exhilarating coasters in 2018.

Twisted Timbers is a hybrid coaster combining the power of a steel track and wood supports for an intense coaster experience. This match made in roller coaster heaven provides a ride unlike any other, which would be entirely impossible on a traditional wooden coaster track.

The coaster’s story begins in 1950 when a mysterious force destroyed the harvest of Hanover Hill Orchard, located on the outskirts of Candy Apple Grove. To this day, no one knows what the force is or was. Now, the former “off limits” land is open to the public for visitors to experience a tour of the legendary orchard. Will you find out what terrorized the orchard that fateful day way back when?

In addition to a captivating story, Twisted Timbers boasts impressive coaster stats:

  • 109-foot-tall barrel roll drop
  • 3,351 feet of track
  • 3 inversions
  • 3 overbanks
  • 20 airtime hills
  • Speeds of up to 54 mph

Think you can handle the force of Twisted Timbers? Take a ride from the comfort of your seat with this POV video from the park:

Twisted Timbers will take over the area where another coaster, Hurler, was originally located. This new roller coaster is sure to be the highlight of Kings Dominion 2018.

Kings Dominion 2018
Photo Credit: Kings Dominion / Facebook

Kings Dominion Announces WinterFest

Also new to the festival lineup at Kings Dominion 2018 is WinterFest. For the first time in park history, Kings Dominion will be open during the winter for this magical holiday festival.

In November 2018, WinterFest transforms the park into a winter wonderland with holiday lights, snow, ice skating, epic performances, delicious treats, and so much more. The park is set to remodel the Eiffel Tower into a massive Christmas tree with a state-of-the-art light show. Other holiday activities on the docket for WinterFest include visits with Santa Claus, a crafting corner, and pop-up performances held around the park.

Of course, all of your favorite Kings Dominion rides will be open during the festival for endless fun!

Kings Dominion 2018: A Season Not to Miss

Clearly, 2018 is set to be a massive year for Kings Dominion. To ensure you can skip the ticket lines and head right into the fun, purchase your Kings Dominion tickets today.

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