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Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration in Williamsburg, VA

1 Busch Gardens BlvdWilliamsburg, VA 23187  
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Located within the Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park during the holiday season, Christmas Town™ offers a variety of joyful traditions for the whole family to experience together. Guests can enjoy seeing heartwarming shows, tasting delectable holiday dining, doing some festive shopping, watching eight million twinkling lights, visiting Santa’s workshop, sipping signature hot chocolate and more.


from Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration
Busch Gardens® Christmas Town™ celebrates the most wonderful time of the year.

Since its debut in 2009, families have grown up with Christmas Town’s blanket of six-million glittering lights, breathtaking shows and traditional Christmas culinary delights. Visit Santa Claus at his North Pole workshop and begin a Christmas Town tradition that is as warm as apple pie. This year, take a step into the not-so-distant-past at Holiday Hills™ where mid-twentieth century Christmas celebrations come to life. Sip some hot chocolate and let the warmth of the season take over.

Start a new Christmas tradition this year at Busch Gardens Christmas Town.

World-champion and two-time Olympic silver medalist Elvis Stojko will headline a new holiday-themed ice show at this year’s Busch Gardens® Christmas Town™. ‘Twas That Night™ is an all-new live performance on ice being created by the same creative team that produced London Rocks™ and Scrooge No More!.™
‘Twas That Night is based on the popular poem A Visit From St. Nicholas, published in 1823 by Clement Moore, and will be performed at Busch Gardens’ Royal Palace Theatre. Busch Gardens’ entertainment team will transform the theater’s stage into a glistening frozen pond, creating a nostalgic sense of wonderment during the retelling of this popular Christmas classic.
“Busch Gardens’ newest live show combines the grace of professional figure skating with cherished Christmas music, original holiday songs and magnificent visuals,” said Entertainment Director Bonnie Gilliland. “Elvis Stojko’s masterful skating techniques and his unbounded creativity are helping us produce an emotionally-charged show that is unlike anything else in our lineup.”
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Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration in Williamsburg, Virginia
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Reserve Williamsburg Customer Reviews

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Theresa Trimmer Mechanicsville, VA
1 Review
"Wasted Day!"
Reviewed December, 2015
We normally love Busch Gardens and have been going there for 40 years, but Sunday, December 6th at Christmas Town was awful! We got to the Busch Gardens exit off of 64 East only to move an inch at a time for over an hour! That's after we had traveled 45 minutes from Mechanicsville. Busch was apparently not prepared for the crowds on this day! The reason you only moved an inch at a time was they only had one person taking parking money for two lanes of traffic. They should have had at least two people to keep the lines moving. After inching along for over an hour, we were then sent across the street to park in Scotland, where we spent another 1/2 hour or more to get a tram to take us to the park If we hadn't promised our 3 year granddaughter we were going, we would have turned around! We could not enjoy anything at the park! It was so crowded and not well lit in many places. We couldn't use our meal tickets to eat since they restaurants were so busy so we all went without food while we were there. The grandkids didn't get to ride many rides as there were only a few rides in each country and it was difficult to motivate from country to country with all the people. Alothough the lights were great in most places, you couldn't stop to enjoy as the paths were like herding cattle and you would be run over. Busch should have ample staff taking parking money, lights on all pathways, more trams for the parking areas and most of all, DONT BE SO GREEDY and LIMIT how many people you let in the park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tip: Plan for lots of waiting!

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image

Bensalem, Pennsylvania

"Went for the kids, but was fun for everyone!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed June 24, 2016 NEW

We went with 3 kids and expected that there would be long lines. We were able to go on every attraction with virtually no line, but it was a Monday. The park was very clean, and had something for everyone!

TripAdvisor user image
Samantha N

Cape May, New Jersey

"Perfect day!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed June 24, 2016 NEW

We bought our tickets online the day before our intended visit. We had been planning our trip for weeks and had every intention of making our Busch Gardens day Thursday. We looked at the weather Wednesday night and saw that there were chances of rain throughout the day. We clearly should've check that before we got our tickets-oops! Since Thursday was our last day in Williamsburg and we had the tickets, we decided to just do the best we could and go to the park for as long as we could without the rain. We packed ourselves rain jackets and headed to the park. The impending doom of rain was a blessing. We didn't have to wait in any lines for the roller coasters or for most rides. Every employee we came in contact with was incredibly kind and helpful! The park was super clean and beautiful. Great amusement park experience for sure!

TripAdvisor user image

Houston, Texas

"We go for the live entertainment shows and the safe, fun atmosphere"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed June 24, 2016 NEW

We've seen a lot of live shows at many theme parks over the years, and... The Celtic Fyre show is the best live entertainment at any theme park we've seen. We saw it 4 times in the two days we were there. It's great! The Roll Out the Barrel show's cast exerts a lot of effort but seems missing just the "right touch" for being a better show. London Rocks has some enjoyable music and other elements, but was mostly too loud to really enjoy it. Mix It Up show was just noise, very loud noise. The More Pet Shenanagins show is worth watching and the Parrot doing math is amazing! We enjoyed the Lorikeet Glen and Eagle Ridge areas of the park.

TripAdvisor user image

"Fun day"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed June 24, 2016 NEW

Spent day at Bush Garden. Everyone was friendly and polite. Lay out of park is okay. Rides, shows, and food stands in all areas. Some shady spots. Variety of rides for all different ages and levels of adventure. Thrill rides were pretty fun. Marco Polo market has good food . Elmo area looked cute, but just passed through there since my kids were too old to be interested in that area. Lockers available at each of the big rides to store stuff in For $5 you can change lockers as you move through park, just pick that option at kiosk. Went on a Friday and did not have very long waits, maybe 30 minutes for 1 or 2 of the rides. Used Bush Gardens app. It was decent. Gave show times and descriptions Also gave ride description. "Mix it Up" music show was good, and can be watched while you eat. Lots of tables near stage with Good views. Over all a fun park. A little expensive for the number of rides. Glad admission was part of the Bounce pass I purchased for my visit to Williamsburg. It was a great deal. It lets you into Bush Gardens, Water Country, and Colonial Williamsburg for 7 consecutive days and includes parking. A great deal for one price.

TripAdvisor user image
Erich S

"The Fun and Wonder Never Ends"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed June 24, 2016 NEW

I have been going to Busch Gardens since I was a child and now as an adult I feel the same sense of wonder and joy that I felt as child. The park is exquisite. The landscaping is second to none, the attention to detail, each themed area has wonderful detail from historic advertisements to names of the shops, rides and buildings. The bridges, the panoramas, and the walk through the park takes you away. The rides are terrific. It is the best food you will ever find in an amusement park, very authentic to the areas of Europe represented. The park has not declined as I expected with the SeaWorld ownership. One thing that has changes is the selection of authentic souvenirs has become much smaller. It is a bit disappointing, especially in the Christmas section of the German shop. German tradition in Christmas is well documented and German ornaments are easily available so to see overpriced cheap Made in China ornaments was a bit disappointing. A nice touch is that as the park has grown and families have been making return visits, there is merchandise for the nostalgic rides that have been removed. A nice nod to the history. Tips: 1. Arrive before the park opens - They will allow you to park an hour before opening and you can get in to the first section before the park opens. 2. If you are trying to avoid lines than arrive before it opens and wait at the gate to Ireland. Once opened you can make a quick circle of the park and hit every major ride before the park gets crowded. 3. the park starts getting crowded around 12 and starts to disperse in the evening (5 or 6pm) in the early season. 4. July and August are extremely humid and weather can turn in a second, be prepared. Crowds are also much larger so be prepared to wait in line longer(Remember to arrive before Open. 5. if you arrive to close to park opening than the line at the gate to pay for parking can be very long and see interminable when you just want to get in the park. 6. The later you arrive the worse your parking gets and you will be forced to take a tram to your car(unless you want to walk about a mile after walking all day in the park) 7. the line for the tram at park close can be long and you will have to wait a bit of time to catch one to get to your vehicle. 8. Depending on the time if you purchase merchandise you can have it shipped to the Union Jax shop and pick it up on exit so you don't have to carry it all day. 9. rides run until park close, so if the park closes at 9pm, you can ride right to 9pm.(this is a great time to catch no lines for a ride you may have missed in the last 30 minutes) 10. Shops close throughout the park at park close, but some food stalls and all merchandise shops will be open in England for an hour after close as people file out. (so you don't have to run to package pick up to make sure you get there before park close) 11 Showtimes are on the map and are printed daily. Use it to plan your day accordingly. Park layout forces you to think strategically. (learn the park layout quickly or you may miss areas) Follow the signage. 12. Use the train and aeronaut rides(if the line is brief) to quickly move to opposite ends of the park.

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Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration is located at 1 Busch Gardens Blvd | Williamsburg, VA 23187
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Frequently Asked Questions about Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration

When does Christmas Town at Busch Gardens begin?
Mark your calendars. Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration returns on November 27, 2015. Be sure to check the operating schedule for specific dates and times.

Will the entire park, including the rides be open during the Christmas event?

Busch Gardens transforms into a winter wonderland filled with holiday traditions, new surprises and park favorites that make everyone say, “Now this is Christmas.” It’s a fun place where visitors can experience the spirit of the holiday with all-new attractions, shows and shopping that immerse them into the Christmas season. Only a few select rides will be open during the Christmas event.

Do Christmas Town tickets expire?
Yes. Christmas Town tickets expire on January 3rd, 2016.

Is smoking allowed at Busch Gardens?

Busch Gardens is committed to a safe and friendly environment. Therefore we have provided designated smoking stations throughout the park. All indoor areas will remain smoke-free environments. Outdoor smoking stations are designated in guest areas by smoking urns, benches and "Designated Smoking Area" signs, which are situated near most restrooms. These signs are marked on the park maps.
Can I rent a stroller or wheelchair at Busch Gardens?
Strollers, Wheelchairs & Electric Carts are available for a nominal fee. You must be 18 years of age to rent electric carts and wheelchairs.

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