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A 383-acre family-friendly attraction, Busch Gardens® Williamsburg, VA, features nine villages centered around six European countries for guests to adventure through. The iconic theme park features exhilarating roller coasters, exciting live entertainment, up-close animal encounters, children’s rides and stunning architecture, as well as fun European-style dining and shopping venues.


from Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Busch Gardens is an action-packed European-themed adventure park with 17th-century charm and 21st-century technology, boasting more than 350 acres of fun-filled exploration.
KIDsiderate® Concert Series (April 23 & 30, May 7 & 14)
Glory at the Gardens Weekend (May 7 & 8)
Busch Gardens® Food and Wine Festival (May 27 – June 26, select days)
Busch Gardens Bier Fest (Sept. 2 – 18, select days)
Howl-O-Scream® (Sept. 23– Oct. 30, select days)
Christmas Town™ (Nov. 25 – Dec. 31, select days)

Take your family to a place where fun comes naturally, Busch Gardens® Williamsburg. Everyone will enjoy the unparalleled mix of animal encounters, captivating shows and thrilling rides. The world’s most beautiful theme park has something for everyone as you venture across Europe. Soar like an eagle and howl on great coasters like Apollo’s Chariot® and Griffon®. Discover shared family fun playing with your littlest ones at Sesame Street’s Forest of Fun™. And, nowhere is the spirit of discovery more alive than on Verbolten®, the breathtaking, multisensory thrill ride through the Black Forest. It’s this naturally fun combination that helps remind us, we may live in houses, but we’re born for Busch Gardens.

Discover the wonders of Europe at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Enjoy world-class thrill rides, fun family entertainment, and naturally beautiful environments. Guest can now board the lightning-fast, multi-sensory dash through the Black Forest on the park’s newest launch coaster, Verbolten, and feel adrenaline-pulsing thrills on Mäch Tower as you drop nearly 240 feet. Here you will find family fun you can all enjoy together, including incredible show performances, up-close animal exhibits and exclusive park experiences.

There are also stage shows, culinary delights and world-class shopping experiences provide fun for the whole family.

Parking fees:
•$18 - General parking for cars, motorcycles, trucks, recreation vehicles and campers
•$24 - Preferred parking ($12 for 2 Year & 1 Year Pass Members; FREE for Platinum members)

Preferred parking is subject to availability. Tour buses may park for free.
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Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia
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Reserve Williamsburg Customer Reviews

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kevin bender cutler bay, FL
2 Reviews
Verified Traveler
Reviewed October, 2015
We live in Florida but originally from up north. I went to Bush Gardens Williamsburg as a child. I now have four of my own. My older two boys have gone to Williamsburg and now my twin girls. They loved it, great rides, better organized lines, nicer people working there and a better atmosphere at the park. In Tampa you get rushed around all day trying to make the rides. Very overcrowded.. Just can't stop and enjoy the park anymore. In Williamsburg the wife and I sat around if we didn't ride and let the kids have fun. No worries.

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chrisy kerby south boston, VA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Think plan budget works every time"
Reviewed July, 2015
This vacation through reserve williamsburg was simple and easy no major problems both park and hotel were booked The only problem we had was the printed tickets for Bush gardens it seems when we got to the park the attendent had a hard time finding our tickets this took quite a while but eventually our tickets were found other then that we had a great time
Tip: Always plan your trips If you use travel sites always print your information and carry it with you its better to be safe then sorry

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Victoria M

TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed May 28, 2016 NEW

Absolutely loved his park. Bring 5$ for lockers to use them all day. We went memorial weeks so each right was probably a 45 minute wait but it was worth every wait. Next time I may purchase the skip the line tickets!

TripAdvisor user image


"unexpected pleasure"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed May 28, 2016 NEW

Really did not expect the quality of the visit to Busch Gardens. The coasters aren't bad--not Cedar Point--but still a lot of fun. Park was immaculate and the staff was exceptionally friendly. The food prices were very, very reasonable for what you get. Has Disney, Universal, Hershey, and Cedar Point beat by a long shot both pricing and quality of food. Drink prices comparable to these other parks I mentioned. Crowd was really enjoyable as much as a crowd can be.

TripAdvisor user image

"Great family time"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed May 28, 2016 NEW

so much to do and see, rides and attractions are so much fun. So many things for the children to enjoy, what great memories. The shows are fantastic. The food selection is huge and the food and wine festival is unbelievable.

TripAdvisor user image

Lexington, Kentucky

"Great for rides, not so much for non-riders"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed May 27, 2016 NEW

We have been to Disney, and Universal so comparing to that. The teen who loves roller coasters loved this place, there is not as much for non-riders. Young kids can go to Sesame Street Place. Don't miss Pet Shenanigans. Hard to find your way around without the map. Most enjoyable thing was painting pottery in Canada - nice to get out of heat and noise!

TripAdvisor user image

Silver Spring, Maryland

"Scenic and Nice Theme Park"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed May 27, 2016 NEW

Went down for an extended weekend, and spent part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was our first visit and we found that despite the intermittent drizzle, thunderstorms and muggy heat - the park was pretty busy. We liked the park. It's sprawling, very scenic and has a lot to see and do. On Friday, we took in the Sesame Street Forest. - Ok - first off it's nowhere near as extensive as Sesame Street Place outside of Philadelphia, so don't go in expecting that as we did. There are about 5 kiddie rides. Line wait varied from 0-10 minutes. The show was cute, but nothing great. One major disappointment was that the characters didn't walk around the crowds for random pics - only designated characters at designated times. Also - no Big Bird, Count, Oscar, Rosita or Murray. The Sesame Street Lunch, located in Ireland was ok. Not crowded at all. Table to ourselves. Food was typical kid fare - mac n' cheese, chicken nuggets, etc... Only a few descent samplings for adults. Show was good, and entertaining and character really interacted a lot with the families. This was good. Still no Big Bird, etc.. Show was Elmo, Cookie, Abby and Grover - and Oscar made a brief showing. That's it. Our favorite area was definitely Germany - the rides, the food, the beer. Pros: - Friendly staff: For the most part the staff was very friendly and seemed interested in ensuring our family had a good time. Not so much in the mid-way in the Germany area though, nor the Italian arcade. - Ride lines moved fast. I think the longest we waited was 15-min. Most were 5-10 minutes. - Beautiful grounds. The park really seems built into the surroundings. Lots of natural areas. - Lots of rides for a variety of ages. I like the kiddie rides, at least my kids did. There are a ton, but some are redundant. - The OktoberFest show was great! My kids thoroughly enjoyed it, and it had a good plot. Plus the variety of beers in the Bier Garten was awesome! - End of the Day Trams: the trams to and from the parking lots moved quickly, and provided a nice respite from a long day. Cons: - The signage in the parking lots stinks. The lots are decently lit, but the lighting of say 44 in Ireland... not lit so much. Which stinks when you're exhausted, carrying two kids and just trying to get to your car without another end-of-day meltdown. - Way-finding signs in the park: I can read a map (been all over the world). The maps (posted and hand-held) are good. But there are no sign-posts in the park. On multiple occasions during our 4 visits we headed down a path that we thought was right, but wasn't. In France heading to train from Crepes. Trying to find the path back to Italy from Germany, etc... - Food options: Not so great. Pizza, chicken tenders, and possibly crepes. Most of the other food wasn't more geared toward teens and adults. - Land of Dragons: The kiddie rides had 2 people operating 4 rides. So they'd have to load it, run it, disembark and then move to the other. When asked, they said it was done to save $$. Well, I didn't PAY a reduced fee rate - so what gives. This was annoying as the area was packed with kids and families. - The Giant Claw OR eGrab (or whatever they are called) in the Italy Zone arcade are a COMPLETE rip off. Several times I had a 'prize' lifted up in the claw only to have the claw 'drop' the prize. The claws aren't calibrated to pick up anything in the bins. So, you spend the $, but can't win. We had one set of claws around the teddy's neck and it latched on, and then just slowed released. And other prizes (ie - yoda) are sneakily tucked up under a glass shelf - so there's NO way to get the claw around it. Total Rip-Off. Expected from a carnival, but not Busch gardens. Recommend: - Fix the signage in the park. Get a "NOVICE" (like me!) to come down and show where signs need to be placed IN the park to help. - Light the parking lot signs. - Give the teens some "customer service / hospitality" classes. - Expand the Sesame Street Forest. Ya' got the room to expand, and based on the number of people in there (even on a rainy day) it's a popular attraction. Please make this area bigger!!!

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg is located at 1 Busch Gardens Blvd | Williamsburg, VA 23187
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Frequently Asked Questions about Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Do Busch Gardens tickets expire?
Yes, they expire within the season. See view details under ticket type for exact date.

How much is parking?
$18 - General parking for cars, motorcycles, trucks or campers
$24 - Preferred parking, subject to availability.

Is smoking allowed at Busch Gardens?
Busch Gardens is committed to a safe and friendly environment. Therefore we have provided designated smoking stations throughout the park. All indoor areas will remain smoke-free environments. Outdoor smoking stations are designated in guest areas by smoking urns, benches and "Designated Smoking Area" signs, which are situated near most restrooms. These signs are marked on the park maps.

What options are available if I want to bring my pet to the park?
Pet care is provided in the England Parking Lot. Pets are not allowed inside the park. $10 /pet for regular guests / all day, $7 for pass members. The facility is ventilated but not temperature-controlled. Pets will be offered fresh water, but it is the owner's responsibility to bring food and feed their pet. Trained service animals are welcome at Busch Gardens.

Are coolers or picnic baskets allowed inside Busch Gardens?
Picnic baskets and coolers are not allowed inside the park. (Exception: Baby food and medicine are permitted, but not in glass containers.)

Can I rent a stroller or wheelchair at Busch Gardens?
Strollers, Wheelchairs & Electric Carts are available for a nominal fee. You must be 18 years of age to rent electric carts and wheelchairs.

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