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Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Williamsburg, VA

1 Busch Gardens BlvdWilliamsburg, VA 23187
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A 383-acre family-friendly attraction, Busch Gardens® Williamsburg, VA, features nine villages centered around six European countries for guests to adventure through. The iconic theme park features exhilarating roller coasters, exciting live entertainment, up-close animal encounters, children’s rides and stunning architecture, as well as fun European-style dining and shopping venues.


from Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Busch Gardens is an action-packed European-themed adventure park with 17th-century charm and 21st-century technology, boasting more than 350 acres of fun-filled exploration.
Howl-O-Scream® (Sept. 23– Oct. 30, select days)
Christmas Town™ (Nov. 25 – Dec. 31, select days)

Take your family to a place where fun comes naturally, Busch Gardens® Williamsburg. Everyone will enjoy the unparalleled mix of animal encounters, captivating shows and thrilling rides. The world’s most beautiful theme park has something for everyone as you venture across Europe. Soar like an eagle and howl on great coasters like Apollo’s Chariot® and Griffon®. Discover shared family fun playing with your littlest ones at Sesame Street’s Forest of Fun™. And, nowhere is the spirit of discovery more alive than on Verbolten®, the breathtaking, multisensory thrill ride through the Black Forest. It’s this naturally fun combination that helps remind us, we may live in houses, but we’re born for Busch Gardens.

Discover the wonders of Europe at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Enjoy world-class thrill rides, fun family entertainment, and naturally beautiful environments. Guest can now board the lightning-fast, multi-sensory dash through the Black Forest on the park’s newest launch coaster, Verbolten, and feel adrenaline-pulsing thrills on Mäch Tower as you drop nearly 240 feet. Here you will find family fun you can all enjoy together, including incredible show performances, up-close animal exhibits and exclusive park experiences.

There are also stage shows, culinary delights and world-class shopping experiences provide fun for the whole family.

Christmas shines brightest at Busch Gardens® Christmas Town ™ in Williamsburg, Virginia. The world’s most beautiful theme park is aglow with eight million lights, one of the largest light displays in North America. Festive food and drink, holiday shopping and heart-warming shows make the season come alive at Busch Gardens. Visit the big man in red at his North Pole workshop and capture an unforgettable memory. Keep warm with a mug of the park’s signature peppermint fudge hot chocolate and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. Unwrap the gift of Christmas Town this winter and celebrate the spirit of the season on select dates between Nov. 25 - Jan 2, 2017.

Parking fees:
•$18 - General parking for cars, motorcycles, trucks, recreation vehicles and campers
•$24 - Preferred parking ($12 for 2 Year & 1 Year Pass Members; FREE for Platinum members)

Preferred parking is subject to availability. Tour buses may park for free.

Reserve Williamsburg Customer Reviews

25 Reviews
Joe Morgan
Bristol, CT
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"My wife and daughters first time and they cant wait to come back next year!"
August, 2016
Growing up my family always went to Virginia Beach for summer vacation and we always went to Busch Gardens. I always loved the day during our vacation we drove over to Williamsburg to spend the day at the park. It was alwasy my favorite day. I love Busch Garden more then any other theme park out there. So this year I decided to bring my wife and 3 year old daughter down to Virginia Beach from Connecticut and share my experiences with them. To sum it up they had a blast and were so happy this was our summer vacation this year and we have already decided next year we will be back. My daughter only being 3 can't ride many rides but the ones that she could she had a blast and since it was like 105 degrees out she never wanted to leave the Sesame Street water park. lol. Busch Gardens has done a great job adding rides for kids that are younger, cause lets face it we as parents arent going to skip trips because we have a toddler. I remember as a child there wasnt many rides for my sisters to go on but over the last 15 years since I was last there you guys have made outstanding improvements to make sure everyones entire family has fun while at Busch Gardens. Only complaint I have is I think its a little ridiculous to charge a 3 year $67 to get into the park. Maybe for like a 5 year old and up but a 3 year old I feel theres just not that much to justify $67. Halfway through the park she was exhausted and napped frequently. Besides that I have nothing negative to say. We will be back next year and we already decided we will be going to Busch Gardens 2 days out of our vacation. Thats how much we loved it.
Tip: If its in the dead of summer puts lots of sunscreen on and drinks lots of water!

Was this review helpful? Yes

Todd Stone
Collinsville, VA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Busch Gardens"
August, 2016
Had an awesome time, I have been going here for many years. Glad to get discount tickets.

Was this review helpful? Yes

Richard W.
La Junta, CO
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"A Beautiful and and Fun Theme Park"
August, 2016
Loved the European country themes around the park! Food was even good (had lunch in New France and dinner in Germany) - enough on the platters that two can share so it isn't even too expensive. Great rollercoasters - Verbolten was our family's favorite. Even on Sunday, lines were never all that long.
Tip: Great deal to buy the REFILLABLE FOR FREE drink cups. Definitely get your money's worth over the course of the whole day and night!

Was this review helpful? Yes

Richard Simms
Lancaster, PA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Fun and Learn in Williamsburg"
August, 2016
We have never been to Williamsburg Busch Gardens or Water Country. I am 68 and my husband is 81 years old. We are adopted 2 of our grandchildren and we are trying to give them a great childhood experience. We rented electric scooters and scooted all over the park while the walked. We rode on some of the rides as a family and had a ball at Busch Gardens. Water Country was the best we rented 4 chairs an umbrella and we sat at the wave pool and had lunch (all you can eat) from 11:30am - 1:00pm. The food and drinks was great. We walked to other water slides and there was plenty of places to sit in the shade and watch the kids or ride the waves. We visited Ripley's Believe it or Not and we toured the History of Williamsburg Va. The kids had fun and they learned so much during this vacation. We did not do everything that we wanted to do so we are definitely making plans to visit the area again. This proves that no matte4r how old you are in age you can still have fun with the younger generation. They are learning from us and we are learning from them.
Tip: Check the internet for discounts tickets and no matter how old or young you are their is something fun and educational for everyone .

Was this review helpful? Yes

Marie Mayes
spout spring, VA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"trip with grandkids"
August, 2016
I had not been to the Williamsburg Busch Gardens in over 10 years - kids all grown. My grandson begged me to go with them, so I finally agreed - thought I had gotten too old to do all that walking. Wrong, I had a great time! Grandkids were 12 and 3. We went on a Sunday and although it was right before school started back - it was not too crowded but plenty hot! So glad I made the trip and will probably do it again before getting too old!
Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that will dry fast!

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Reserve Williamsburg Customer
Blacksburg, VA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"thrill thrill thrill!!!"
August, 2016
It is great for family to relax and have fun. Busch Gardens have a lot of rollercosters for big kids and a lot small projects for little kids. The shows are also good for people who just want to relax with music and stories. The pets show, the gray wolf and owls, the dance, etc. are very interesting and impressive. We have been traveling to Williamsburg every summer for years. It is great to catch the ticket sales for a fun season. Besides Busch Gardens and Water Country USA these big theme parks, the downtown Williamsburg is also attractive for tourists.
Tip: Before you go, first check the weather, 2nd book the tickets earlier online to get a sale price

Was this review helpful? Yes

Audra Robertson
Duncansville, PA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
August, 2016
The kids had a great time and was thankful that I was able to get a discount on the tickets

Was this review helpful? Yes

Jeffrey McCann
Rock Cave, WV
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Good Time"
August, 2016
We only spent a partial day at the park, but it was a fun day. My children, and my girlfriend's child all really enjoyed riding the rides, playing on the maze/obstacle course they have set up for the kids, playing in the water at the bottom of the maze/obstacle course. This was my 4th time at this park, and I have really enjoyed it every time. They have some great roller coasters, but this trip was focused more for the kids then for us. The lines for the kid rides were short so they were able to ride multiple rides in a short amount of time.
Tip: On a good day you can cover about the entire park in a day, but I recomend spending 2 days so you can take your time and enjoy everything without being rushed. In the heat of the day take time to watch one of the inside shows so you can get off your feet and cool off a bit in the air conditioning.

Was this review helpful? Yes

TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Donna O
Warrenton, Virginia
"Loved Christmas Town!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed December 08, 2016 NEW
What a fantastic time we had on our first trip to Busch Gardens Christmas Town! We went on opening day. The weather was beautiful and we knew it would be crowded, so we got there early. It took maybe 30 minutes to get into the parking lot, but once we got in we were able to park very close to the entrance. The park is absolutely beautiful, even in the daylight! There are fresh Christmas trees lining many of the walkways and you can smell that evergreen scent as you pass by. I didn't feel like the park was overly crowded until dark, and my kids were able to ride most of the rides they wanted to with relatively minimal waits. We ate at Dasher's Diner, which I would not recommend....I know the food is much better in other areas of the park. Once it got dark, it became VERY crowded! Here's a tip....dress your kids in something bright that stands out!! It is very easy to get separated from them with all the people, and hard to see them in the dark. We had such a great time that we decided to extend our trip and go back the next night (we had purchased the Fun Cards which give you unlimited visits). My only disappointment was that the train was not running either night (we were told due to some construction going on near one of the stations), but we will definitely be going back again and will hopefully get to ride it! This will become a new tradition for our family!
TripAdvisor user image
"Beautiful at Christmas Time!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed December 07, 2016 NEW
The lights, music and decorations change as you travel from country to country; all are beautifully done. The shows were excellent. We really enjoyed the Ice Show; don't worry about the VERY long line. It is a large arena with lots of seating. Two of the big coasters were open as well as many of the smaller kiddie rides. Tempesto and Verbolten are both great coasters. The only real complaint was the line to get into the parking lot. It took nearly an hour from the highway to the lot and then another 45 minutes to get our tickets. By the time we reached a window reservations for all of the restaurants were sold out. Definitely make reservations online before you go if you are interested in eating any of the special Christmas menus. We bought the Spiced Wine (very good) at a vendor in the Marketplace in pretty etched mugs only to find the wine available inside the German Christmas shop in beautiful little painted German mugs. Had we known, we would have gotten one of each. There is actually too much to see and do in the 8 hours (2pm-10pm) it was open; two days would be better.
TripAdvisor user image
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
"Bus trip"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed December 07, 2016 NEW
The Christmas lights at Busch Gardens are something to see. Each country was more beautiful than the next. Take a ride on the train as It will take you through the whole park for a great view. Don't wait until dark try to spend as much time as you can to get familiar with the park or you can easily get disoriented after dark. Getting a map when you first enter will really help.
TripAdvisor user image
Jamestown, North Carolina
"Christmas lights special- Long lines, very popular."
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed December 07, 2016 NEW
My first impression was that the cost was very reasonable, I thought. But my second impression was.... OH BOY this is going to be crowded. The venue was open from 2pm to 10pm and we headed out there about 12:30p The line began to form out on Highway I 64 BEFORE the off-ramp. Yes, it was stopped traffic all the way to the interstate more than 2 miles from the park! It took an hour and a half to reach the parking gate. Parking was an additional fee of $10 (which I hate at every theme park, it should be included in the admission fee) and we got parked in one of the outer lots. It was a short walk to the TRAM and the line was reasonable because they had many trams running. We got to the gate, got our prepaid tickets and walked into the park right away. From that point on it was beautiful. Over 8 million Christmas light in every direction and on every bush and tree and building. It was truly beautiful. It was a cold day and we were glad we were dressed in layers. We saw the show Gloria, and it was GLORIOUS! It was a well done musical rendition of many traditional Christmas hymns and songs done by some extremely talented young singers. We spent quite a bit of time just walking and seeing the park. Most of the coasters and the biggest rides were closed, especially after dusk. The shows were all great, and the special effects in the shows were outstanding! I liked the musical rendition of Dicken's Christmas Story. Only 30 minutes long, it was a very professional and entertaining retelling of the traditional tale. All in all our experience was good. The only thing I would say that would be negative was that although they had some patio heaters spaced around the park to help warm you up, they didn't turn them on until after dark, and it was cold all day. Also, I thought that the outside show in the Italy section should have had working radiant heaters in the seating sections, especially since dinner is an option here. If the management at the venue read this, I suggest you supply more and better heat where you can. Otherwise, it was a great time. We went back for a second day as one day was really not enough time to see and do it all. Also I wish more rides had been open. The ones that were open were offline frequently and after standing in line for 1/2 hour it was irritating and disappointing to not get to ride them.
TripAdvisor user image
Susi W
"Christmas Town is amazing"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed December 07, 2016 NEW
We visited Bush Garden's Christmas Town for the first time on opening day. We planned to get there a little earlier than the 2:00 opening, but ended up in a line of cars getting to the parking lot. It didn't really take that long to get to the parking lot and into the park, though. The park is decorated for the holiday season, with every tree loaded with lights which really takes your breath away once the sun sets. It was great fun, but be prepared for crowds and lots of walking.
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Busch Gardens Williamsburg is located at 1 Busch Gardens BlvdWilliamsburg, VA 23187
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Frequently Asked Questions about Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Do Busch Gardens tickets expire?
Yes, they expire within the season. See view details under ticket type for exact date.

How much is parking?
$18 - General parking for cars, motorcycles, trucks or campers
$24 - Preferred parking, subject to availability.

Is Howl-O-Scream included with my admission?
Yes, Howl-O-Scream is included with a single day admission ticket. At 6pm for select fall dates, the park changes into a seriously scary place and may not be suitable for young children.

Is smoking allowed at Busch Gardens?
Busch Gardens is committed to a safe and friendly environment. Therefore we have provided designated smoking stations throughout the park. All indoor areas will remain smoke-free environments. Outdoor smoking stations are designated in guest areas by smoking urns, benches and "Designated Smoking Area" signs, which are situated near most restrooms. These signs are marked on the park maps.

What options are available if I want to bring my pet to the park?
Pet care is provided in the England Parking Lot. Pets are not allowed inside the park. $10 /pet for regular guests / all day, $7 for pass members. The facility is ventilated but not temperature-controlled. Pets will be offered fresh water, but it is the owner's responsibility to bring food and feed their pet. Trained service animals are welcome at Busch Gardens.

Are coolers or picnic baskets allowed inside Busch Gardens?
Picnic baskets and coolers are not allowed inside the park. (Exception: Baby food and medicine are permitted, but not in glass containers.)

Can I rent a stroller or wheelchair at Busch Gardens?
Strollers, Wheelchairs & Electric Carts are available for a nominal fee. You must be 18 years of age to rent electric carts and wheelchairs.